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Subject: are you a bbw admirer or a sec
Replies: 21 Views: 2355

jill_uk 9.04.08 - 10:03pm

bdsmbob 10.04.08 - 08:00pm
big is best but big all over is better.is there nothing worse than a bbw with a flat chest? *

finbarr 10.04.08 - 11:31pm
Bbws can be nice *

mathew51 18.04.08 - 06:44pm
Yes always been a admirer of bbw *

bill5 6.09.08 - 11:06am
Already told u i luv bbws u are so so s*xy x x xx x xx *

kukinfat 1.12.08 - 09:58am
i love bbws always have always will they are the most beautifulest women in the world *

20045 17.02.09 - 05:32pm
always dreamt of having one hope i will find one with time *

johngm 19.06.09 - 12:49am
nothing like a good soft girl *

dude44 4.03.10 - 04:48pm
wait a little bit guys...emmm u knw wat bbws r th erotics of th world if nt in africa..hs bn african beliefs..i wish.. *

alan.gpt 19.07.10 - 01:12pm
Everything about big beautiful women is great, especially the big s*xy places that need plenty of loving. *

bbwsteph 11.08.10 - 01:22pm
What's a sec

Bbw 19 f uk x *

keith62 26.08.10 - 01:15pm
All the bbw s i have known have been fun London to be with and very sensual. *

terria 21.11.10 - 06:58am
Well, i wouldn't be here if i didn't love Bbws *

lincswtf 1.02.12 - 03:14pm
Hi jill.What is there not 2 admire about a BBW. I always have. *

alison68 23.04.12 - 01:34pm
Whats a sec? *

vanman09 23.04.12 - 06:32pm
Bbw are to die for i have ged plenty in my time.just love em *

lincswtf 24.04.12 - 12:41am
wave.GIF at Alison xx *

venton99 15.05.12 - 09:06am
Hi ther can i join?if its ok to say something.im venton btw.from cape town south africa and im a huge bbw admirer.always has been.i go after bbws n no other slander build women.i find bbws more better.ther more gorgeous then slander women will ever be.no offence tho.i had a bbw fiance here in s.a but couldnt understand y she was so mean in our 3 year engagement until i found det i wasnt good enough.but i will keep searchin for my swt goddess bbw im even crazy about all bbw even ssbbw *

undoubra 2.11.16 - 09:29pm
Bbw r vry adorable x x x *

tinaslave 21.06.17 - 03:23pm
I like bbw ladys r so s*xy.xx *

jj73 18.02.18 - 01:51am
Any aussie bbw here *

yazidgomez 24.03.20 - 05:55am
I love bbwfreak

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